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Tricks or Treats?

October 28th, 2020 7:37 PM by Barbara Doeringer

During a brisk resale market when inventory is low, some sellers think they can go it alone without the assistance of a realtor.  Or they decide to hire a limited service agency who promises much for a small fee.   But with the pandemic still changing the way we currently live, there are several reasons for avoiding any “tricks” offered that might make you think you are saving money.

There are usually additional fees attached along with the initial “flat fee” offered by a limited real estate service and there is little marketing and advertising included.  Some companies also require the seller to show the home themselves, which is a safety concern, and they offer little guidance and support.  The smaller the fee, the less assistance given.  

As for selling by owner, there are so many new disclosures required that realtors use, including those that now cover covid-19 in-person showings as well as any delays in contract closings due to covid.  Other disclosures both educate and protect sellers as well as buyers from future issues that might arise, even months after the home is sold.  A realtor is trained to know which disclosures to use in each transaction and can gather information needed to comply and protect against fraud.  Using a realtor gives you many “treats” that include protection and safety, mass marketing and exposure, and negotiation experience that takes away the stress of sellers and buyers having direct contact with each other.  

So, don’t fall for all the “tricks” that claim they can save you money.  Go for the “treats” that only a licensed realtor can give you.  The saying is true: “You get what you pay for.”   In real estate, it is imperative to be properly and legally represented, especially now.  The cost is well worth it!  

Whippet Properties of Florida gives many treats without any tricks!  Check us out!




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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on October 28th, 2020 7:37 PM


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