Why the name? We love dogs and whippets stand for what we are: loyal, friendly, intelligent . . . . and we will run full speed ahead to find the right property for you! We will "whip it good!"

COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL:    We offer commercial and investment opportunities as well as residential.  We have seasoned agents who have years of experience with  listing commercial properties as well as residential and can assist and guide in you to a successful closing.

SPONSORSHIP AND NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES:  We have sponsored Comedy Shows, Charity Events, Festivals, Chamber of Commerce Events, and private networking groups in order to provide maximum exposure for our company, our customers and all of our agents.  Every agent has the opportunity to attend and provide personal marketing materials to advertise their own services.  

NOTARY PUBLIC SERVICE:   Both Barbara and Allen are licensed as a notary public for the state of Florida and can assist their realtors and clients with any kind of notary service.  If done in their home office, there is no charge but for mobile service to your home or place of business, there is a small fee.  

REAL ESTATE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT:  Barbara has a certification in real estate career development and training for new agents.  She has led real estate classes and done mentoring for new agents.  She is also available for one-on-one career planning in residential real estate.  Don't like attending formal classes?  Then this is the company for you!

Whippet Properties of Florida

10082 Corso Milano Drive
Tampa, FL 33625