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November 11th, 2020 10:53 AM by Barbara Doeringer

I usually think about writing of new beginnings after the new year, but with all that has happened in 2020 and with less than seven weeks to finish out this unprecedented year, I felt now was a good time.

It is said that only dreams give birth to change.  Therefore, we need to determine our hopes and dreams for the future as we reflect on this stressful year that is about to end.  Whatever it is we hope for or whatever we dream about, we can make next year one of delight and go forward and discover all the positive things that already exist in our surroundings.  

We already live in one of the most beautiful places of our country.  Florida was named for all the flowers that grow year-round in our tropical paradise.  Our “sunshine state” bathes us in beauty and warmth most days of the year and we are surrounded by the gorgeous waters of the ocean and the gulf that offer so many opportunities of discovery.   

If we write down our most cherished hopes, we can have confidence that the answers will come one day at a time.  We can actively look for ways to make our dreams come true:  take classes or training to qualify for a new job; find ways to restore relationships or learn to develop new ones; find ways to improve your home that will add the value necessary to sell at a profit; look to purchase homes that are priced right for the market; find ways to make finances stretch farther, using consignment shops, thrift stores, garage sales or creating a new look with some new accents.  

It has been a tough year and it isn’t even over yet.  But it is not too early to begin focusing on ways to make things better for ourselves, our homes and our communities.  Be open to ways of new discoveries and become delighted with what dreams you can make come true.  It all begins with the right attitude.  



Posted by Barbara Doeringer on November 11th, 2020 10:53 AM


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