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Moving Soon?

January 13th, 2021 10:31 AM by Barbara Doeringer

Whether moving across town or across the country, moving can be stressful, costly and full of surprises.   Every step of a move has the potential for mistakes that can make that move a nightmare.

To avoid being the victim of a moving scam, be sure to do your homework first.  You can research the Better Business Bureau, the state transportation regulator, and the U.S. Department of Transportation to determine whether a moving company has a good record.  Also, referrals from relatives, friends, neighbors or colleagues are a good source.

Once a mover is hired, the company should send someone to do an in-home moving estimate.  It is a good idea to get quotes from several moving companies and always get the estimate in writing.

Before moving, think about what items can be donated, given away or thrown out.  Holding a garage sale is a good way to clear out some of the clutter and get some extra cash for moving expenses.  Too many people end up packing way too much “stuff.”

Make sure your move is scheduled weeks or even months in advance.  Some companies book up quickly, especially during summer months.  The biggest stress of all would be to not have a moving company on moving day!

Packing is never fun, but if done in stages, well before moving day, it can lessen the load.   Begin by packing those items that will not be needed for weeks such as seasonal items or things rarely used.  Always have a check-off list and make sure to label what is in each box as well as what room it goes to; even upstairs or downstairs is a help.

Having a plan and being organized can make a move much less stressful. Concentrate on the excitement of a new journey and new beginnings!



Posted by Barbara Doeringer on January 13th, 2021 10:31 AM


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