Why the name? We love dogs and whippets stand for what we are: loyal, friendly, intelligent . . . . and we will run full speed ahead to find the right property for you! We will "whip it good!"

                                                                       WORKING WITH THE TEAM AND CUSTOMERS



                                                                         OUR BOOTH AT OKTOBERFEST, TAMPA BAY DOWNS

A Night With 007 was a charity event that we sponsored for the K9 Heroes For Our Heroes!

We work as a team, have fun as a team and value each team member's talent, experience and ideas. 

                      Lou gets welcomed to our team!                   Just one of our many door prizes                     Time out for fun at EPCOT for Debbie
            In ONE week, Debbie gets a contract!                                  And then on number TWO!                Our friends support our agents on a fun night
                                  Angela with family and friends.            Kathy McGuire and David Toro performing together.                     So proud of our agent "musician," David Toro
                   Our fabulous team in Orlando and Tampa areas!                                REALTORS:   Debbie, David and Allen                                                         David performing at Wild Rover
                                       Brewing Company  in Tampa
                              Our realtor, David Toro, who performs
                       at Wild Rover Brewing Company in the
                               Westchase area of Tampa
                      Allen assists with marketing                                         Training with David from Odessa area
                                      The "original" real estate team
                                      for over 20 years!
                                     Barbara and Allen
                      Happy to have Angela on our team!     Time for fun at Clearwater Beach for Barbara,Debbie & Allen
  Lunch at Wild Rover Brewing Company, Tampa                    Angela Christu joins our company!             We sponsor Comedy Shows at the Wild Rover Brewing Co              
      Debbie Owen opens her "Whippet" Christmas gifts!                           New Construction homes in Davenport, FL                                     Showing off our new rider signs

          Our booth at the Oldsmar Days and Nights
                           Festival in April, 2021
    A company presentation with Debbie and Barbara
  at the Beachwood Seafood Kitchen in Oldsmar 
                       Whippet, Claudine, LOVES the beach!
 Loving on Ginger as I drink from my "Whippet" mug         No Halloween Whippet costumes so this had to do!                                   Angela in her training session.

  Our "unique" marketing:  a whippet whisk!   A company interview for We Beam TV through
    the Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce
                    Debbie entertaining with her "whippet whisk!"

                        We not only work together,
                           but become great friends!  
                A great pose by Claudine, the Whippet                   Our team photo at the Oldsmar Festival  


Whippet Properties of Florida

10082 Corso Milano Drive
Tampa, FL 33625