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If you are looking to invest in residential real estate to rent out a property, there are many things you can do to contribute to its profitability.  Your priorities when it comes to the property will differ depending on your target market, yet these are some standard ways to help get started.

Location is critical.   Be sure to research the area in which you wish to purchase.  Consider potential deterrents such as high crime rates, loud areas and a messy environment.  Look for selling points such as good school districts, public transportation and close amenities.  Decide who you want to attract to the property, consider what they would want and research these areas in depth.

Renovations may be needed.   One thing that can dramatically increase the profitability of a rental property is if it is energy efficient.   Having double pane windows, attic insulation and low-pressure taps/shower heads will make a massive difference in monthly energy bills.  

After any main renovations, consider decorating.  It is advisable to keep the color palette throughout a neutral shade and be consistent.  Going for cream walls and wooden floors is a great option. A white bathroom with grey tiles is also a good choice.  It will make the home look bright and clean and allow tenants to bring their own sense of style.  

Whether to furnish the property or not depends on who you are targeting as tenants.  For a family rental, they will most likely have their own furnishings.  But for a vacation rental property, furnishings will be necessary.  Also, a home with a pool is more likely to attract vacation renters than one without.  

The smallest decisions could make your property much more profitable, so investing a bit more time and money from the beginning is a good idea in order to increase your monthly yield.   


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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on December 2nd, 2020 11:30 AM
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During a brisk resale market when inventory is low, some sellers think they can go it alone without the assistance of a realtor.  Or they decide to hire a limited service agency who promises much for a small fee.   But with the pandemic still changing the way we currently live, there are several reasons for avoiding any “tricks” offered that might make you think you are saving money.

There are usually additional fees attached along with the initial “flat fee” offered by a limited real estate service and there is little marketing and advertising included.  Some companies also require the seller to show the home themselves, which is a safety concern, and they offer little guidance and support.  The smaller the fee, the less assistance given.  

As for selling by owner, there are so many new disclosures required that realtors use, including those that now cover covid-19 in-person showings as well as any delays in contract closings due to covid.  Other disclosures both educate and protect sellers as well as buyers from future issues that might arise, even months after the home is sold.  A realtor is trained to know which disclosures to use in each transaction and can gather information needed to comply and protect against fraud.  Using a realtor gives you many “treats” that include protection and safety, mass marketing and exposure, and negotiation experience that takes away the stress of sellers and buyers having direct contact with each other.  

So, don’t fall for all the “tricks” that claim they can save you money.  Go for the “treats” that only a licensed realtor can give you.  The saying is true: “You get what you pay for.”   In real estate, it is imperative to be properly and legally represented, especially now.  The cost is well worth it!  

Whippet Properties of Florida gives many treats without any tricks!  Check us out!




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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on October 28th, 2020 7:37 PM

                    Since the pandemic altered what buyers value in their homes, builders are predicting how future homes will change as a result, and what people will want most moving forward.  

As stay-at-home orders took hold around the country, a home quickly became more than simply a home . . .   it became a school, gym, playground and office practically overnight.  Now, many are reconsidering their home’s functionality as once popular design features have become less workable and they are turning to new-construction homes as an option.

Home builders are predicting that a demand for more privacy and space will drive building decisions.   Open-concept living has grown in popularity over the past few decades, but now builders plan to add more rooms and doors.  People will see the return of separate rooms for dedicated home offices as more people work from home full time.  People will need more privacy, so there will be more insulation for noise control and separate spaces to keep kids busy while parents work.

In addition to physical room separation, smart-home features like touchless faucets and self-cleaning toilets will become increasing popular, since the pandemic emphasized the importance of keeping spaces as clean as possible.  

It may indeed be the end of open floor plans in the near future as builders adjust to the various changes and needs for buyers, brought on by the pandemic.  If an open floor plan is still what you desire, a resale home will be the best option since this design has offered families a greater sense of togetherness in the past.  

No matter what your choice, we at Whippet Properties of Florida can find it for you!


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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on October 21st, 2020 3:07 PM

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I am announcing my official new designation after successfully completing an online course and passing the exam.  The Certified New Home Co-Broker logo will now be displayed on our website and all marketing materials.  I have learned how to better serve new home shoppers and work with onsite sales consultants and builders.  There are so many new home communities and pre-construction developments in the Central Florida area and I can find the available inventory, find exactly the right community, lot and floor plan to fit your needs and price.

Why shop for a new home? They are energy efficient, have the latest technology, will save you thousands in renovation costs, have quality construction with the latest safety codes, provide warranties, lots of incentives to save money and give you low cost ownership.  

If a resale is what you want, we can compare base price points of brand new homes with resales to make sure you are getting a fair price, especially if renovations or updates are needed after the closing.

Let me do the work for you and I will find exactly the right home, whether new or used.  I want you to see, touch and experience what you can get for the money and I look forward to working with you on a home buying adventure!

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on August 25th, 2020 9:30 AM

We recently moved to a new Tampa townhome that has many smart home features which we love.  So, I wanted to share that the ultimate smart home can be done on a budget if you know what kind of technology to look for.

We have the Ring video doorbell, owned by Amazon, and the technology is amazing, especially when you are away from home and someone comes to the door.  Not only can you see the person, but you can talk to them, even if you are out of town or state.  This helps with package deliveries or any unexpected guests.

We have an app on our smart phones that connects to our thermostat and garage door.  Have you ever left home and thought, “Did I shut the garage door? Did I turn down the thermostat?”  Well, now that can be taken care of from your phone!

Another smart phone app takes care of security:  both the alarm system, cameras, and front door locks.  No need to worry whether or not you locked the door or set the alarm.   Do it from your phone!

Pay attention to local ads for good deals on smart home gadgets.  Look for sales at Best Buy, Target and Home Depot, as well as Amazon.

When a new version of a product becomes available, manufacturers will discount the remaining inventory of the previous model.  While you won’t have the latest and greatest features, the core functionality is the same and you can get a great reduced price.

Knowing what is available in smart home technology adds value to anyone selling a home. Many buyers are now familiar with smart home features and love to find a home that already has them. With the holidays fast approaching, be watching for special deals that will not only give you a “smart home” but be a very positive upgrade to add to your home’s features. 


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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on August 11th, 2020 10:39 AM

According to Lawrence Yun, the National Association of Realtors chief economist,  a pent-up demand for homes should be a boon for most markets.  "The housing market was exceptionally strong prior to the pandemic and before the massive job losses began.  Another point was the strong growth in the savings rate.  Social distancing meant no trips to the shopping mall, no eating in restaurants, no vacation travel, no baseball games . . . .  but now with the gradual reopening of the economy consumers are ready to unleash much of those savings back into the economy." 

New listings and new home construction are urgently needed!  Home buyers want to lock in record-low mortgage rates.  They know that in five years or so, consumer prices could accelerate as a result of the government's plan to print more money.  Higher prices for food, tuition, health care, rents, and real estate are inevitable.  The only major expenses holding steady are fixed-rate mortgage payments.  And those will feel more manageable as incomes grow.

Home sales nationally are forecast to be down only 11% in 2020, while prices rise by 4%.  In 2021, sales are expected to jump to 15% while price growth stays in the 4% to 6% range.  The demand will be there; the real question is whether the houses will be!

Don't be afraid to sell amid this pandemic.  Safety measures are in place and many buyers are looking.  If you have been thinking of a move, this is the perfect time!

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on July 28th, 2020 9:08 AM

Research shows that joy is wired into our genes, brain circuits and biology, and in times like these, it matters more than ever.  But the kind of happiness that matters in tough times has nothing to do with parties or celebrations.  The happiness that helps in great difficulty is realistic. It recognizes fears and anxieties, but it looks for meaning and it nourishes and sustains us.  

In the wake of a life-shattering crisis or global disaster, something positive often happens.  After the World Trade Center attacks in 2001, people felt more gratitude, hope, kindness and love than they did before 9/11.  It wasn't that they were pretending the disaster didn't happen.  But they were searching for positive emotions and "emotional resilience" to get through a crisis with less despair and a better perspective.  Researchers call this "positivity," a mix of realism, hope and compassion.  

We are naturally wired for survival, rather than happiness so we have to work at it.  First of all, human connection is the "chicken soup" for happiness.  It's not the number of friends you have or whether you are in a committed relationship, but the quality of your relationships that matters.  Second, physical activity can boost happiness by reducing stress and releasing feel-good brain chemicals.  It brings more oxygen to the brain, which calms the anxious mind and over time, can create beneficial brain changes too.  Next, take a moment to savor.  Pause to enjoy a sunrise, a sunset, the beautiful songs of birds, the joy of our pets (view our whippets), a special song.  A regular savoring habit can increase happiness for a longer period of time.  

The good news is that as a person grows older, there is a steady increase in joy.  Researchers say that decades of life experience combine with brain rewiring to create a new kind of happiness for those in their 50s and beyond.  In older people who keep themselves physically, mentally and socially active, there is a growth of wisdom and they don't get as upset when things go wrong.  They focus on the positive and on people and connections.  Having a sense of purpose makes them feel great.  Resilient people know they have a choice:  happiness does not come from the outside.  

We, at Whippet Properties of Florida, are the "older generation" of positive people who have the wisdom, experience and joy to help guide you to your next home.  Even though these are tough times, working with the right agents can reduce your stress and add happiness to your decision to buy or sell.  

Some content courtesy of AARP Magazine

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on July 14th, 2020 8:21 PM


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