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  When listing a home for sale, there are several items that are important to be updated: the roof, the AC unit and the kitchen appliances.  Many buyers ask before even viewing a property the age of the roof and AC unit and whether or not the home has the original kitchen appliances.  Even if a home warranty is offered by the seller(s), most buyers hesitate to consider outdated, older appliances that have passed their potential life span or are in poor condition.  Today's choices are modern stainless steel with various designs and models to choose from.  Buyers are always turned off by a combinatioin of different colors or designs of appliances in the kitchen instead of being altogether coordinated.  If replacing one appliance, it is better to replace them all.  The return on the sale of the home willl usually be much better for doing so.  Below is information from the Florida Realtors Association that is helpful.

Posted by Barbara Doeringer on May 24th, 2022 12:04 PM

These five steps for buyers from the Florida Realtors Magazine are great tips for having a successful closing in this chaotic market.

Posted by Barbara Doeringer on May 17th, 2022 9:27 AM

 It seems that everyone is trying to hire these days and I am no exception!  Currently, I have two other agents in our company in addition to my husband, who mainly handles marketing and advertising.  But I am in need of two or three more, either in the Disney/Davenport or Tampa areas.  When I interview potential agents, the negative comment I hear most is that they feel they need to be with a large franchise or a company that is nationally or internationally well known.  When I ask how many leads that company has given them, the answer is usually "none."   We see the billboards all over saying "SIZE MATTERS" but when it comes to a real estate company, that is certainly not the case.  We have personally worked with several large companies and never reaped any benefits while paying out many fees and large percentages of our commissions to the companies.  We were the most successful with a very small company who only had three agents and my husband and I were two of them.  So, what do we offer?  

A Website with staff specific details and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System as well as Pre-Written Ad Campaigns to use by Email.  Our website is currently undergoing a complete new design which will enhance our SEO and lead generation.  It should be completed by June, 2022.

 Personal training and mentoring

No monthly fees or desk fees

Paid Errors and Omissions Insurance

Complimentary Business Cards (100 of first order)

Complimentary Name Badge

Complimentary Whippet Properties collared shirt

Complimentary lunches at monthly sales meetings  (not mandatory)

 Extensive Marketing:  newspaper, social media, sponsorship and vendor events, direct mailings, various networking groups (Chamber of Commerce), Working Women of Tampa Bay, Power Gals, TNT Networking, charity events 

 Lead Rotation with agents, depending on requested area

FREE Notary Service for agents and customers

Brochures, marketing materials and giveaway items provided   

Guidance and creative ideas to develop a personal brand or “slogan”

FUN GROUP who not only works together, but “plays” together too!

 All of our listings go into the national online real estate websites just like in the larger companies and we have gained leads or referral business just by being noticed on Realtor.com or some other site.  So, don't think that "bigger is better" because that is not always the case.  We might be "small" but we know how to "whip it good" and will continue to be successful,  hoping more agents will join us!  


Posted by Barbara Doeringer on May 10th, 2022 10:57 AM

There are lots of issues that can arise in any real estate contract from financing to appraisals to inspections.  An experienced realtor will look for creative ways to keep a sale moving forward, which helps both buyers and sellers as well as the agent who has put valuable time into the transaction.  

With 23 years of real estate experience, we have offered our clients assistance in various ways:

  1. We have paid for a home warranty to the buyer
  2. We have co-ordinated and paid for some repairs needed after a home inspection
  3. We have helped sellers with the removal or sale of furnishings that a buyer does not want
  4. We have helped stage a home and purchased necessary items such as towels, or small decorations to create a welcome appearance
  5. We have assisted with yard maintenance to create the best curb appeal
  6. We have provided our services of cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing to make the home inviting
  7. We have lowered our commission to make sellers and buyers agree on a sales price
  8. We have paid cash back from our commissions at closing to buyers or sellers to make a contract work  

Not all realtors are willing to go above and beyond for their customers.  Not all are willing to give up hard-earned commissions to make a sale work.   Not all are committed to the utmost satisfaction of their buyers or sellers to make all parties happy with the sale.  But WE ARE!  We will do whatever it takes to make it worand ensure that our buyers and sellers have a satisfactory and successful transaction and experience.  Size does not matter in a real estate company.   It is the personal touch that matters most.  And we give that!  

Posted by Barbara Doeringer on May 3rd, 2022 12:55 PM
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There is so much financial help needed right now to be able to afford the purchase of homes with prices escalating every month.  Below is some valuable information provided by the Florida Realtor's Association and it might be the answer for many want-to-be homebuyers:

Posted by Barbara Doeringer on April 27th, 2022 10:36 AM

What does “bodacious” mean?   Some will think it means attractive or sexual in some way, but the actual definition states the meaning to be “excellent, admirable, impressive and remarkable.”  Three professional women wanted to collaborate their experience and expertise to help families and change lives so they formed “Tampa’s Bodacious Team” known as Tina, Barbara and Tina.  

TINA Gordon is a Mortgage Loan Originator with Lincoln Lending Group. She has held multiple positions as a loan processor, closer, underwriter, sales manager and account executive for over three decades.   In her current position she loves having the ability to be a part of her client’s journey either through a first-time home purchase, downsizing a home or refinancing.  She provides personalized service with exceptional availability to every borrower, meeting their needs in every area.  Tina also has a heart for children and she personally donates $200 from every closed loan to the Children's Home Network.  www.Yourmortgagegalflorida.com

BARBARA Doeringer has 23 years of real estate experience having worked with manufactured housing, new home construction, vacation homes and senior communities. She is now the Broker and owner of her own real estate company and has three other agents on her team.  She also has 17 years of experience in the banking industry, working with installment loans and mortgages, then managing a branch office before becoming an Assistant Vice-President.  Barbara is certified in real estate training, a senior specialist and probate real estate.  She also has a Florida license as a notary public.  She gives each client personal attention and will do whatever it takes to ensure a successful closing.    www.WhippetPropertiesFlorida.com

TINA Spinks is Vice-President of Spinks Law Firm and oversees client services and community outreach for the Firm.   Attorney Ed Spinks helps families with estate planning, elder law, and special needs trusts. With 25 years of military experience in the Marines, Mr. Spinks also represents Veterans and their families with VA Pension Benefits.  Spinks Law Firm assists families with wills/trusts, power of attorney, Medicaid qualification, Special Needs Trust, ABLE Act, Veteran benefits, probate, and asset protection.  Tina supports clients and families that need assistance with community resources, and she also networks in the greater Tampa Bay area.   Together with Ed, she is focused on helping to change the lives of families.  www.SpinksLawFirm.com

TBT:  Tampa’s Bodacious Team (Tina, Barbara, Tina):  Our Mission Statement:

“We are a collaboration of services who are helping families and changing lives, one story at a time.”

Posted by Barbara Doeringer on April 19th, 2022 6:44 PM


 The pain of rising expenses in gas, groceries, utilities and the uncertainty of the  economy in general has introduced new scam artists who are becoming more creative in using fraud for their own benefit.    A recent article in AARP magazine listed some simple ways we can all protect ourselves from becoming a victim.  

  1. Make sure your wallet has the bare essentials, like a driver’s license, one debit or credit card or whatever is needed for the day or trip.  Never keep a social security card or any other cards that give identity and keep as little as possible in the wallet in case it is stolen.
  2. Add cell phone login protections.  Make sure you have a passcode, facial ID or finger scan enabled on your phone in case it is lost.
  3. Review your credit report.  You can have access to a free credit report from all three agencies every year (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) Make sure no one has opened credit in your name and look for any errors.
  4. Add two-factor authentication to online accounts.  Websites are offering this service more and send a code to your phone to access the site.  So, even if scammers have hacked your account knowing your password, they still cannot get in.
  5. Refresh Facebook security.  Find Settings & Privacy and complete the Privacy Checkup.  You can lock your profile so only your friends can see it.
  6. Always be suspicious of anyone calling who say they are from the IRS, Social Security, the Police and are giving you any kind of a threat. They don’t make such phone calls.  And never give personal information or credit card details to those you don’t know.

Being aware and vigilant about protecting your identity is critical in the world of technology we now live in.  We must be proactive in preventing as much fraud as possible.  

Contact Barbara at 407-491-3816 or BarbaraFlaHomes@aol.com


Posted by Barbara Doeringer on April 12th, 2022 10:58 AM

Since more people are choosing to remain in their homes for more years than usual instead of selling, different rooms of the house are getting more usage and therefore have some “home strain” and may need some fixing up or just regular maintenance.  Here are some quick fixes as listed in Florida Realtor’s Magazine:

  1. Clean the dishwasher filter to increase the longevity of it.
  2. Make sure the smoke detectors work and the batteries are fresh.
  3. Check under bathroom sinks for any signs of leaks and add a smart sensor to monitor any that may occur.
  4. Consider replacing light bulbs with LEDs to use one-fifth of energy.
  5. Review laundry room hoses for any cracking or brittle bits and make sure they are in good condition.
  6. Fix any water drains in the yard that may be prone to flooding with heavy rains, and repair or replace any damaged irrigation heads.
  7. Regularly change AC filters and have professional maintenance done.
  8. Look for exterior cracks in outside stucco that may need to be repaired and repainted.
  9. Make sure there are no loose or damaged shingles on the roof.
  10. Trim exterior tree branches or any other landscaping that is too close to the home.


It’s wise to just do an overall assessment of the interior and exterior of the home to determine any small repairs that could prevent much larger ones in the future.   When the time is right to sell, the home will be ready for any kind of inspection that needs to be done.

Posted by Barbara Doeringer on April 5th, 2022 1:04 PM

This gorgeous fully furnished home in Davenport, FL boasts 5 bedrooms, 5 full baths and is truly a 5-star property!  Tastefully decorated with upscale furnishings, the first floor offers two living areas, an eat-in kitchen with newer stainless steel appliances and BRAND NEW kitchen cabinets!  There is a formal dining room for lots of entertainment and a wood-burning fireplace for holiday ambiance.  Upstairs you will find TWO master suites, each with dual split vanities, whirlpool tubs and private balconies where you can watch nightly Disney fireworks.  You will think you are on a permanent vacation in the screened-in pool and spa with brick paver patio and built-in grill.  Added to this exceptional property:  TWO brand new AC units, NEW GE washer and dryer and new lawn sprinkler system.  Located in a quiet gated community with tile roof in an exceptional location, the price is right at $565,000.  MLS # S5058416

For further details, please contact Barbara at 407-491-3816 or email:  BarbaraFlaHomes@aol.com  

Posted by Barbara Doeringer on March 29th, 2022 11:27 AM

For some economic reasons, the popularity of condos has grown over the past few years.  They are more affordable than single family homes, have much less maintenance and provide amenities for family living.  All of the common areas, like pools, tennis courts or playgrounds are collectively owned by all the residents.  They are a great option for those who want to own their own place, but are not quite ready for the expense of a single family house.  

Each condo community will have their own homeowners association with rules and regulations which should be reviewed thoroughly before a purchase.  It may be that you have a pet larger than permitted or pets are not permitted at all; you may have a restriction on how many cars can be parked; there may be rules concerning lawn ornaments or colors your door can be painted.  It is important to know whether or not your lifestyle can conform to the strict regulations.  

Always be aware of the condo association’s budget.  It is important to take note of any outstanding debt owed to the association and if there are owners who are not paying their dues.  There should be a “reserve fund” to cover expenses of potential major repairs:  new roof, road paving, exterior painting, landscaping, etc.  Without this fund, the association can charge owners “special assessments” to cover the costs.  The less cash reserves there are, the better chance that the condo owners will be charged for future improvements.  

The few drawbacks on buying a condo include: they tend to appreciate at a slower rate than other properties; condo fees can be much higher than HOA dues in other communities; you have many more neighbors and less privacy.  On a positive note, homeowners insurance is much less since the association has a master policy in place; there are usually some great amenities on the property; there is very little upkeep and it is easy to make friends.  

The assistance of a knowledgeable realtor is important when considering a condo purchase.  The more details and information collected on a particular condo community and association, the more successful and stress free the purchase will be.    



Posted by Barbara Doeringer on March 22nd, 2022 11:57 AM


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